Distilling the Essence of Ideas

Our thoughts and ideas are never purely our own.  The influences and ideas of others and the experiences that we vicariously share are all gathered in our subconscious to be distilled into an essence that our soul finds agreeable.

Most IDEAS are years in the making and their development takes place behind the scenes.  Ideas begin with conversations, and they percolate through our collective consciousness, and likely they are grasped by many people simultaneously.  The idea, still only a rough concept, distills in an individuals sub conscious and as the vapors rise in day-dreams and night dreams, we extract the essence and our minds grasp greater Truths, if only for a fleeting moment.

A few individuals distill their ideas in writing or speaking or inventing.  Some of those people share the distillation process by publishing a novel or poems or music or public speaking.

Many of us wonder about their “brilliance,” thinking to ourselves, “I knew that,” or “I had that idea years ago.”  We are all brilliant distillers of ideas.

3 thoughts on “Distilling the Essence of Ideas

  1. Good point. Where do ideas originate? I believe that conversation is much more than a means of transporting ideas from one mind to another. I’ve often experienced my own mind developing an idea in the midst of a conversation. It was not the transfer of someone else’s idea, but the development of my own idea while I spoke. I’d say ideas can begin in the midst of conversation, among other places. Very cool.

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