What is enlightenment to you? This morning, before the world put it’s load on my shoulders, I sat in the quiet-tumbling moments and watched the first rays of sunlight as they crept across the floor towards me.

As the sunlight touched my fingers a mysterious sensation of -knowing- crept up my arms with the warmth of a star.  My mind felt so right and so good.  I felt like a symphony humming in a perfect world, where everything is just  as it’s supposed to be, and nothing can be added or taken away.

Enlightenment is a state of mind that we all experience in our lives.  Enlightenment happens in the moments when we allow the weight of fear and ignorance to fall away and we feel our selves get lighter with Love (light) and Truth.   Enlightenment is available to all of us at every moment.  Those who we call “enlightened ones,” are individuals who are not easily manipulated by fear and ignorance – which allows them many more opportunities to access Love and Truth.

Enlightenment is not a goal, it is a way.  It is the letting-go of fear and the opening up to Truth.

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