Accept it!

Life’s not turning out the way you thought it would?  Accept it!

That’s right, accept it.  It’s your life and you can’t run away from it.  You can’t shove it in a closet, or trade it in, or upgrade to a newer version.  It’s your life, like it or not.

Accept your past for all of its fabulous failures and mishaps and all of its wonderful successes.  Accept yourself for all of your faults and quirks and unique abilities.  Accept your circumstances, as lousy or wonderful as they may be.

I didn’t say GIVE UP!  Acceptance is NOT giving up.  Acceptance is the beginning strategy of assessing who you are, what you havewhat direction you want to go, and what you want to achieve. (read that again, it’s pretty good!)

Once you accept these facts of reality, you can then approach the starting line, ready for life.

BANG!  We’re off!

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