Deferred Happiness

“I’ll be happy when this is over.  I’ll be happy when the new year is here.  I’ll be happy when I’ve got that accomplished.  I’ll be happy when I’m an adult, when I am more powerful.  I’ll be happy when I’m a success.”

Guess what.  If I keep this up, I’ll never really be happy.

But if successfully accomplishing a challenging task or getting through a difficult period of life doesn’t make me happy, then what will?

Responsibility!  Taking responsibility for the happiness of our lives.  That will make us happy!  We can empower ourselves by taking the responsibility for our own happiness.

Circumstances do not dictate our happiness.  Other people do not dictate our happiness.  We, our responses and reactions to our circumstance mold our emotional nature.  We have a choice to change our emotions.  We change our minds, why not our emotions?

Happiness and Love are the Way to success.  It’s confusing, I know, but it is important to put the horse in front of the cart, and understand that success is a bi-product of happiness.  Happiness does not come from economic success or academic succes, but those kinds of achievements can and do come from happiness.  I am as successful as I am happy.

I am the happiness; I am the Love that I am looking for.  The emotions come from within.  What I am feeling is not thrust upon me from outside.  What I am feeling is evoked from within me.  I make a choice to find the Happiness and Love and let it radiate out.

2 thoughts on “Deferred Happiness

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  2. DIFFER and DEFER are two DIFFERent words. I was careless and use DIFFERED Happiness as the original title. I meant to say DEFERRED Happiness. I choose to correct this right away and not defer it until a later date.

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