Bardo Way

Raining on Boswell Run Road

A bit of fiction — based on my own mental experience.

“I wonder if I’ll ever get a glimpse of reality the way it appears to the others.  I wonder if they’ll ever know reality as it appears to me,”  Sam’s thoughts raced ahead of him, while spinning bike tires sent the warm summer rain into an arch behind him, lifting all caution from his mind.  He sped down the winding country road, chasing his thoughts along the fringes of two realities, hoping they would collide again and lift him above his murky haze.

On the Northeast outskirts of town, where Decker Street rolls out into the endless stretches of Wisconsin-country roads,  Bardo Way branches off to run alongside the railroad tracks, past the dwindling city streets and houses.  The old round barn, the remaining remnant of the Bardo family farm, marks where the road leaves the tracks to wind down the valley with the creek.  Passing through the maple groves, somewhere near the reservoir, it plunges through the fringes of reality.  Bardo Way is a liminal route where the world drops away and the entire universe opens up; a rural road of the mind, of transition, which all people experience throughout their lives

Like all before him and all who will come after him, Sam had to figure out how to get there.  Was he allowed to go to the edges of sanity and come back?  He had to learn the pitfalls and limits of these realities.  This is a story that will seem unreal to most.  In fact, it is a fantastic reality for everyone.


I will be throwing myself into writing (my story) and interviewing for  my “regular” blue colar jobs, as well as keeping up my usual, loving duties as a full-time dad (stay-at-home-dad), so some of my future posts may be simple videos from YouTube or elsewhere.  They will all be carefully chosen and posted with Truth and Love in mind.  Also, I have a lot of drafts started which may come to fruition in the near future.  I’ll share snippets from my fiction writing as well.

Peace and Happiness to all.  Live in Truth.

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