Spirit of the Wind (continued)

on the shores of lake

“I can’t fly!  You look yummy and you say funny things.”  She was feeling disoriented, and for a moment she hesitated, wondering if she should try to rationalize the experience, get a grip on herself, or just go with it and enjoy the moment.

“Just go with it and enjoy it,” encouraged the boy.  “Come on, you can fly when you’re with me.”  He floated to his feet and in a twinkle, danced to where Ashby was sitting.  “Take my hand and we’ll go,” he offered with an intent stare.

Ashby reached out her hand, and as the boy put his fingers around hers she felt her body dissolve and every cell expand so that she seemed to encompass everything in the cabin.  The table with its map dissolved and Ashby absorbed its knowledge.  The candles in the lanterns flickered light into her being and Ashby felt herself pressing into every recess and cubbyhole in the cabin, and overflowing out into the cockpit.  In a whispered moment and a flurry she felt the wind tugging on her and she watched with rapt wonder as their separate puddles of essences whirled about furiously and coalesced.  As the two became one, they gleefully whisked through the open porthole and into the starry night.  Spinning in frenzied exertion around the Serenity’s mast, they twanged the nylon lines and puffed with heat and fury through the tattered wind runners.

“How’s that?”  Asked the boy.

“We’re the spirit of the wind,” squealed Ashby, letting the emotions flood forward.

“Yes, we are!  We’re the spirit of the wind and much more,” replied the boy.

They blew across the open water towards the opposite shore and Ashby’s mind opened to profound realizations as they skimmed out over the landscapes of her mind.  Plunging  forward  in one moment she understood that she was part of everything and everything was in her.  In another moment she tasted the sound of a distant bell at the marina, and she smelled the color of yellow lamplights on the opposite shore, and she heard the twinkling of distant stars.

Ashby became part of an unfathomable universal flow of energy pulsating through everything, everywhere, all at once.  Aware of all of her desires and her wills and wants, she was able to fill them up and meet each of her unspoken needs.  She was no longer enmeshed in the worlds story.  She was free of the cycle, able to see the patterns for what they were and what they could be.  She was now free to pilot her imagination and direct her own voyage.

They weaved their way along the shore line in and out of hidden coves.  They whisked through the wooded groves that huddled like children on the shores of a great puddle.  Each tree waved and whispered a welcoming “hello;” each greeting seasoned with its own ancient secrets.

Ashby’s mind trembled when it turned in and looked upon itself.  It saw that the universe was one big bundle of being-energy, karma, as brilliant as the sun.  It was bursting and overflowing with a creative light that filled her with an almost unbearable rapture.  Fearing that she would dissolve into the brilliant pure awareness she looked away for just a fearful moment and in that instant she found herself summersaulting forward, landing in the cockpit of the Serenity,

The feel of the wooden deck under foot and the wooden rail in hand reassured her that she still had a grip on reality, although now the deck and rails seemed more like possibilities than determined objects.  The Serenity was no longer just a sailboat floating on the surface of a lake, it was a possibility floating in a universal consciousness.  It was a profound subconscious comprehension.

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