Passing Mirage

Sam is the other hero of my story.  Moving into adolescence he longs to push his limits while maintaining his comfortable sense of safety.

Bombay Hook NWR - Redwing Blackbird (1 of 2)

Rubber tires whirred over pavement as Sam picked up speed.  Early morning chill blew across his biceps and into his open shirt sleeves, raising goose bumps on his neck and arms.  The effortless motion gave Sam a new thrill of freedom.  The new bike came from a dream and a desire and now it created new dreams.

“So this is living?” Thought Sam.  “Now I’m alive,” he shouted, breathing in the morning, savoring the sweet taste of time passing with the wind.  With each breath of crisp morning air, life rushed through Sam, absorbing into his blood and surging through his body.

In fifth gear Sam easily reached the crest of the ridge where he met the morning sun.  It’s rays warmed him from the morning chill and goosebumps melted with it’s bright smile.  Sam pedaled hard and slipped silently past the barnyards with their sleeping dogs and bleary eyed farmers.  He worked his way through all of the gears learning the sound and feel of every combination.  He freewheeled the pedals backwards to relish in the buzzing gears.  He checked every angle and tilt of the bike until he was satisfied that everything was working absolutely as it should.  Then he settled on the seat and fixed his eyes on the road twenty feet ahead of him.  The pavement blurred, Sam was drawn into the hypnotic motion and as the world flew by his mind settled, finding relief from the torment of these past turbulent months.  With his eyes wide open, and his mind no longer occupied Sam opened up to his entire environment.  He saw and became every crack and every pebble on the surface of the road.  Every brilliant color and subtle movement reached his eyes from far-away, invisible places.  He heard and felt the gears and tasted the wind.  He smelled the sunlight and heard the bees bounding from thistle to thistle and he touched the heart of the Redwing Blackbird perched on a roadside-cattail.  One with the bike Sam vanished in motion, a passing mirage, bending light and time to wipe away all of his irksome emotions.   Hours passed in an hypnotic instant creating that first bliss filled morning on his new bike.

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