Thunderstorms of Thought


Lightning (Photo credit: Bart van Stratum)

Late afternoon crawled slowly into early evening.  The heat and humidity remained and dark towering cumulonimbi crept over the horizon climbing a mile high.  No rain fell but inside the clouds an epic event was unfolding.  Lightning flashed silently as the clouds moved overhead and darkened the landscape.  Not being able to fill the creeping emptiness in his head, Sam went outside and laid down on the lawn.  Mac refused to join him and stayed in his safe place near the house.

Lying there on the ground Sam felt the earth pushing up from under him.  He became aware of a prickling electrical energy leaping up under his legs and his torso and the back of his neck.  The hairs on his arms and legs stood out and bristled with the electricity.  He felt the curious notion of energy passing through his mind and body from earth to sky and from sky to earth.  Overflowing with verve Sam found himself engulfed in a field of energy and with no effort and no will he floated up with it.

Drifting up slowly at first, lying on his back, Sam was carried towards the clouds until they filled his event horizon and were pulled into his mind.  Thousands of feet above the earth his mind emptied and his eyes twitched to observe each silent flash of lightning from the depths and heights of the clouds.  With each flash he felt his mind loosening more and slipping out of gear and soon he found himself rolling with boiling thoughts.  Merging with the clouds and understanding that they were his own creation a joyful bliss washed over his senses and dissolved his fears.  Sam watched as each of his lightning-thoughts flashed through the turbulent thundercloud.  Sam released himself completely to explore the thoughts as they snapped and created ideas, and ideas sparked into creation.  The thunderstorm was active with electrical impulses and lightning synapses popped and hissed deep from within Sam’s mind.  Coherent thoughts developed, creating experience and the memories;  not only his own but experience of the universe from before the beginning and stretching far beyond any possible end.

Sam disappeared in the joyous experience of awareness and forgot the tangible world.  He would have stayed for eternity but something warm on his face was pulling his awareness back to another reality.  From the very edge of the western horizon a fiery red shaft of sunlight burned through the clouds and lit the world.   The sunlight streamed over the scene and fell on Sam, warming his head and face, bringing him out of the clouds and back down to earth.  The world around exhaled along with his parents.   They had walked down from the house to join him on the lawn and stood nearby talking.  He got to his feet to be completely washed in the sunlight.

“We thought you were asleep,” said his dad.

“Oh, yeah.  I guess I must have dozed off.”

“It’s passed,” said his mom.

“Seems like it,” agreed sam.

They stood there together for a long time watching the sun drop out of sight beyond the horizon to unveil the dark eternal night sky and the stars shining from a millennium away.  The remaining clouds progressed across the sky and Sam laid back down on the lawn to watch them recede beyond the pines.  Thoughts and noise began to fill his head and he felt loneliness creep in and cover the calmness that he had found in the cloud.

“I guess I’ll watch the news reports,” announced his mom as she turned toward the house.

“Yep,” agreed his dad.  “You coming Sam?”

“No, I’ll stay here a while.”

The clouds burbled and crackled with electrical energy and rolled on to the east.  As his parents disappeared into the house a single white-hot flash, from the cloud’s depths, sent a surge of light out in every direction.  Sam flinched as the air rippled, radiating out from a single point, light falling on light rushed at him in a powerful shockwave, creating a twinkling shimmer all through Sam’s mind.  No thunder followed but Sam felt a painful deafening twang and a whine in his ears as the wave passed over him and enveloped him.  A high pitched ring reverberate and bounced off of his inner and outer landscapes.

“What just happened?”

2 thoughts on “Thunderstorms of Thought

  1. What just happened? A talented writer pulled me into his story, broadening my horizons, and helping me to see a bit more clearly another way to view the world inside and outside my mind. Thank you for sharing the adventure, Scott.

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