Planes of Reality

d3d1f191d091a2eea6b702385779164cTwo months ago I experienced a truth that I keep returning to daily.  Dare I say that it was like seeing the face of God?   I’ve hesitated to share it with anyone for a few reasons.  First, I wanted to keep it to myself so that it wouldn’t bleed out into the world and be lost to me again.  Second, I thought that others would not  appreciate it and that they would likely regard it as magical or dream thinking.

I am now able to recreate the experience any time that I want, at will.  Each time it floods me with a sense of peace and a notion that I’ve touched on something which is bigger than me and bigger than all of us.  I can now wake every morning with a sense of purpose and a knowing that I AM a very important part of EVERYTHING.    Now I choose to do the work of putting this notion – idea – realization – revelation into words.  Please bare with me and be patient with the limits that words bring to sharing such an experience.
My experience was the result years of ideas merging into one massive understanding.  I have been tossing around so many – many ideas in my head and writing about them for a number of years.  The ideas always remained separate and divided, but on that morning two months back, the ideas converged into one simple truth.
I had just said goodbye to my son after walking him to school and I was walking down a busy street with parents zooming past to get their kids to school on time, and then rush off to work.  The high voltage lines that run down the street were buzzing under the morning fog and an airplane was running up its jets at the airport – a mile away.  It was anything but peaceful.  For some reason I stopped to pick something up from the wet grass;  I can’t remember what it was now.  As I stood up the feeling and truth flooded my every cell….
The truth spoke, “Man, you exist simultaneously in innumerable planes of reality.  Your existence is only limited by the influence that you choose to exude in the world/universe/life/each plane of existence.”
Okay… The feeling was different than the thoughts that my limited words can express, so don’t stop reading yet…  I’ll try to make this more clear.
Reality.  What is it?  It is everything that is tangible in this plane of existence.  We can touch it, see it, feel it, hear it taste it.  It is everything that we know with our five limited senses.
Now it gets tricky (for me).  There is a reality of memory and imagination.  We can remember times from our childhood and times from yesterday and even our dreams from last night, and the emotions that are connected with those memories are just as REAL as how you feel about what is happening in within reality at this very moment, as you read this.  We can imagine (image training) things that will happen in our near and far future and the anticipation or anxiety or fear or joy is just as REAL as if we are DOING that which we imagine right now in this moment.    So, can I trust that you will believe me that REALITY is much broader and deeper than our limited perceptions of the tangible – here and now?
As I stood erect on that morning, looking up through the buzzing high line wires – an understanding flooded my every cell.  There are great fantastic consciousnesses that live within me which manipulate my moods and overall well-being.  These consciousnesses have been described by others as the subconscious and as archetypes and I’m sure that Buddhism and Christianity and Hinduism have a million ways to describe them.  They pull on the heart strings and move my moods in ways that I don’t fully understand, and until now I had little control over.  These characters exist within me, in a vast universe that they can’t comprehend, just as I can’t comprehend the universe that I live in.  No, their not little-people inside of me, but it’s easier for my mind to conceive of them when I think of them in that way.  They have individual personalities and dreams and desires and disappointments, just as I do.  They live in a world that is filled with hope and fear, love and hate, and all of the things that my material world is filled with.  They live in a world that has been largely created by my inner-state — my well-being or ill-being.  The love or fear, compassion or violence that they experience in their lives is my inner state.  I am largely responsible for these individual consciousnesses that exist within my consciousness .
Now I understand that this is getting a bit “far-out,” but hang with me because this becomes greater than us all – in the end.
In that moment of realization I also saw that I am a small consciousness in a humanity of consciousnesses.  We are all tiny players in a much larger field that is the subconscious of a being on another plane of reality.  That being (imagine it as a gigantic version of you) lives out a life in a material world that is similar to our own (or maybe it’s completely different)?  But inside that being are billions of archetypes (you and me), all calling out, trying to express ourselves, trying to be heard, hoping for some kind of greater expression in a larger universe.  We; you, me, are all small voices in the mind, in the dreams of a being in another plane of reality.  We have a voice in that beings mind and we manipulate it’s imagination and emotions and it expresses these emotions out into it’s material plane of reality.    The shrinks in his reality tell him that he is just hearing voices in his head, or having irrational emotions, but we are as real as the sun that is in his sky or the ground that he walks on.  We live out the memories of his childhood and we are his imagination of what will come in his future.   We are REALITY.  Our fear pain, joy, desire become his emotional state.  We have a great responsibility to live with compassion for his inner well-being.  When we live with peace in our actions and we project love into this plane of reality, we impact his inner well-being and he lives out a more fulfilled life and when he is feeling good, we are more likely to be expressed into that greater reality.
Here’s where it gets real groovy.  Here’s where our life becomes significant.  Here’s where we live in all beings.  Here’s where we become infinite.
Knowing that I have an inner reality, with “archetypes” all living out their existence within, I now understand that I owe it to them to be gentler and kinder (to myself).  I want to provide them with a peaceful world to live in, where they know that something in another plane of reality cares and watches out for their well being.  I have a great responsibility that is to myself, and it is much greater than me.
Knowing that I live in this material world where there is so much turmoil, fear, war, and hurt, I have great compassion for that being who is living out his reality in a different plane, but has the great storms of torment taking place within him.  I have a great responsibility to reach out to him, on his “higher plane” and ease his internal suffering.  I want to make this world a better place and let him know that I care for him and that I am love and I am “light” and that I am a small part of him that is his dignity.  If I can reach out to others on this plane, and show them love and compassion, perhaps together we can reach his heart-strings and communicate this same message to him.  If he receives the message, perhaps he will realize the same and do the same and the love and compassion will rise to yet another “higher plane” of reality.  Perhaps it will loop back to us on our limited plane of reality.
To those consciousnesses and archetypes within me, I hear you, I will express you into my plane of reality and I will try to pay it upward.
As above, so below.  As within, so without.  Father – Son – Holy Spirit.    Now I’m starting to sound like Dr. Bronner’s Magical soap label (google it).
Hope this raises your consciousness.
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