“Don’t Fall in Love With A Dreamer.”

Remember this song that Kenny Rogers and Kim Carnes sang back in the 80s?

To me, dreamers are magical and anyone would be lucky to fall in love with a dreamer.  Recently, I came to understand that it is not the dreamers who are dangerous. Dreamers look to the future and mostly have dreams for good and better in everything…   It is the sentimentalists who will “break you every time.”  Sentimentalists hang on to the way things have been.  They dream about  and romanticize the past, and they often find themselves pulled back into patterns that may have served them positively at one point in the past, but now only keep them in a holding pattern.  Not only do they revisit the past, they pull others with them.

A true dreamer who breaks free from their sentimental nature can become the greatest lover, friend, entrepreneur, visionary the world knows.  The sentimentalist is the one to blame for lover’s torment.

What do you think?  Is there any truth to this?

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