Parents.  Yeah brother, listen to your parents, cuz most of the time they’re the people who care about you the most.  Parents got it tough…  They cary a lot stuff around with them in their minds.  Stuff that they learned from their experience.  Stuff that came from their goofed up childhood.  See…  most parents think that their reality is the best reality for everybody else and so they try to guide you so that you’ll  adopt their reality.  They don’t know that you gots to find your own reality.  They don’t realize that their real job as your parent is to help you find your own reality.   So be patient with your parents.  It’s not their fault…  They love you man and they’re just doin’ the best they can.  Listen to them and if you can, give their words a bit more weight than you give to anybody else’s words.  Really spend some extra time thinking about what they say… and remember…  now is your time, it’s your life.

And never listen to your messed up friends over your own parents.   Your messed up friends are messed up by their messed up parents.  It’s a big old goofy world.

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