BE what you BE

“Nobody knows you better than you know you.  But some times it’s hard  to see what’s best for you…  It’s like driving a car with a dirty windshield.  Sometimes you gotta have somebody who’ll stick their head out the side window to tell you when and where to turn…  A mind can’t always see what’s best for it, so listen and hear what others are saying.  Choose your copilots carefully and  remember it’s always your decision to turn the wheel, not their’s, build trust with others.  When you trust someone and know that they’re on your side, it’s easier to listen to what they tell you, even when those things are challenging and uncomfortable for you; it’s easier to turn the wheel when you trust others.  BE what you BE, because you can’t BE nobody else.  It’s both sides of the coin, BE you, but find those who you trust can help you BEcome you.  Can you dig it?”

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