About Me

Hokkaido Sun

Inspired by the possibilities of my young son and humanity and nature pulsing all around me, I am a man digging beneath a blue-collar exterior to reveal my own creative voice.

Most moments of my day pass in ordinary chores and works but occasionally a fleeting notion of genius washes over me, inspired by a smile, a laugh, a well placed word, or sunlight glinting off of a piece of broken glass.  In those moments I become a true participant in the world of humanity.

Now in my forties I proudly stay at home raising my ten-year old son,  writing my impressions, offering possibilities to my son and endeavoring to grow along with his potential.

At my best I am that piece of broken glass reflecting a light of truth through metaphors.

Scott Schroeder

This is a collection of my writings and the reflections of my inner world.  The images conjured in my mind work their way into words and as the words paint an impression on your mind, they are transcended.

I hope you will follow the progress of my novel, Bardo Way.  If it interests you, let me know.

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